I’m New Here

I’m New Here

Welcome to Emmanuel Baptist Church! We are gathering a Christians which exist to proclaim God’s grace in Otisville.

We believe that the message of God’s grace is the most important message ever.

Our world is broken. The reason it is broken is because each of us have rebelled against our loving Creator. We have broken God’s Law and deserve eternal punishment. But our compassionate God intervened and sent His Son to save us from our sins. Jesus Christ became the sacrifice for our sins and took our place. And because of His perfect sacrifice, everyone who believes in Him is made right with God, forgiven of their sins, and given a new heart that loves God. And one day, God will finish restoring the world and make all things new.

And so, it is this most important of messages which we proclaim. We praise and thank God for what He has done for us. Because we can so easily forget God’s grace and what it means, we remind one another of this truth. We encourage one another to lives consistent with this message. And we also exist to tell the truth about Christ to others who do not know Him.

Since 1964 God has given us the privilege to proclaim His truth in Otisville, located outside of Flint, Michigan. We value our village and our long-standing presence in it. It is our prayer and desire that Christ would be honored in Otisville. We pray that God would use EBC to proclaim His Gospel to our community, to the greater Flint area, and to the ends of the earth.